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Services We Offer

-Some Insurance Companies will give you Discounts for this Type of Service-


Each service call will include:




  • Signs of forced entry or vandalism
  • Removal of flyers, newspapers and basic trash in the front yard
  • Sweeping of front porch entrance sidewalk(s)
  • Any noticeable leaks in outside watering systems – Related condition of plants
  • Pool/spa for any needed maintenance/repair – Visual check of pumps
  • Visual ground level check of the roof
  • Gates, locks, windows, screens, doors, fences
  • Power Box-Breaker Check
  • Deck/patio furniture and gas grill in place
  • Evaluate any lighting issues; such as landscape bulbs burned out
  • Storm damage
  • Ensure landscape/pool/cleaning services are being performed
  • Basic check for signs of insects or other pests
  • Other relevant basic items the client may request within the aforesaid topical categories




  • Check windows/doors/skylights
  • Water plants
  • Check for mold/mildew/unusual odors
  • Check AC/heat temperatures
  • Run washer-dishwasher-garburater-toilets-showers – Check for leaks
  • Refrigerator temperatures
  • Do light bulbs need changing
  • Check hot water tank and soft water systems
  • Inspect garage – start engines if requested
  • Check security systems/alarms
  • Pick up mail at mailbox if requested
  • Check AC/heating filters – change if requested
  • Other relevant basic items the client may request within the aforesaid topical categories




We realize each of our customers have unique needs, so we offer special services- to include:


  • Air out your home
  • Arrange for cleaning or other special contracted services, such as pest control
  • Welcome home package: Turn on lights, adjust air/heat, turn on water if relevant, pickup grocery items and place in the residence, and the like (client may have other needs)
  • Open the door to allow deliver of packages
  • Storm watch: Conduct a special check after an Arizona storm
  • You name it, perhaps we can do it






  • A security report will be emailed to you after each visit, clarifying details of the visit – to include photographs if relevant
  • In an emergency, a telephone call will be made immediately and directly to the client
  • If a security check identifies a discrepancy in the performance of duty by a contracted landscaping/pool/cleaning service, we can make contact with a new/different relevant service provider to contact the client directly for contractual arrangements
  • If a break-in, attempted break-in, vandalism or other type of criminal activity is identified, the client will be notified by telephone immediately, and if directed by the client, the appropriate public service agency will be contacted for action





Once a month service --------------------------------------------------------$30.00

Twice a month service--------------------------------------------------------$55.00

Three times a month service------------------------------------------------$75.00

Four times a month service--------------------------------------------------$90.00


Dates and times of service will either be sporadic by the company to effectuate positive security enhancements, or as directed by the client. The client makes the choice.


Special Services costs will be determined by the specific time involved in meeting the client’s needs, as mutually agreed upon by the company and the client.



                                                        SECURITY CHECKS OF ONLY THE OUTSIDE OF THE PROPERTY


Security checks of only the outside of the property will include checks for:


  • Open doors/windows
  • Signs of forced or attempted force entry
  • Vandalism
  • Broken windows
  • Stolen property (based on a list of items prepared by the client)
  • Suspicious activity/observations
  • Other relevant security check items the client may request within the aforesaid topical categories





Once a month service.........................$20.00

Twice a month service....................... .$35.00

Three times a month service................$45.00

Four times a month service..................$50.00


Dates and times of the checks will be staggered to effectuate positive security enhancements.




Licensed by: The Arizona Department of Public Safety #1655547

Insured by: American Family